One of my favorite parts about my job is being able to photograph women of every age and size. Being able to grab some photographs of a dear friend while she was there with her beautiful baby, even without time for a full makeover made me happy. I have known her for years and have seen her go through some amazing times and changes including getting married and having three children. I wish the world ascetics would see what I see what I look at her beautiful face.


She’s going to come out and visit me next summer, hopefully by herself, so she can get some great girly time. Some time to refresh herself and hopefully be able to get to her beautiful soul.She is delicious and divine and one of my best friends.


Plus, she has an amazing rack and her smile is breathtaking. That, and she cooks every meal from scratch because of allergies in their family of five. Do you even realize how difficult it is to cook dairy free, gluten free and several other allergies knocked in there too. I love you, darling!