This anniversary couple contacted me and wanted to do something fun. They were celebrating five years of marriage and just knew they wanted to do something special.  I got to go around to all the local parks to find one that they liked best. One of my favorite things is location searching, especially when there is a very specific location type to discover. Once we found the perfect one, we knew where we would shoot.anniversary couple :: alifecondensed.comThey were so much in love, and so much fun. I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time we were shooting! They were willing to do anything and everything, and we were even treated to a glorious Romeo and Juliet reenactment!anniversary couple :: alifecondensed.comI’m pretty sure the old school Merry Go Round is the reason they chose this park. There was plenty of spinning and twirling, and then some nice cuddling.anniversary couple :: alifecondensed.comAny time you are in Oregon in the fall, you know it’s going to be hit or miss. Thankfully, this day? This day was perfect. We had enough time before the sun set so we went to my favorite spot to shoot, on a hill overlooking farmland.

By this time, there was no stress. We had been laughing and having fun for a while, and all inhibitions went away. Silly faces and tongues came out in spades.
anniversary couple :: alifecondensed.comThe lighting settled into the magic hour perfectly, clouds rolling through the sky and the sun settling gently behind the hills. It was such a perfect day, absolutely amazing and worth every moment!anniversary couple :: alifecondensed.comThank you, Nancy and Ian, for having so much fun with me! I loved every moment and can’t wait until we do the Steam Punk session next!

Are you an anniversary couple? Do you want to celebrate your love in a way that is totally different than you have in the past? Now is the time!