A few months ago, we celebrated my beautiful cousin’s inspiring weight loss. It is so amazing how much weight has been lifted from her shoulders, in more than just pounds. She smiles more, is significantly more happy overall and just seems so much more content with her life. It is a wonder to see and such a blessing. I was able to capture more than just her outer beauty, but the glow that shines inside now too.

More than just her own beauty, we were able to surprise her by having her mom and three sisters come to enjoy a session as well! It was so great to surprise Trinity and the smile on her face was priceless!

And then, of course, getting to shoot five beautiful women together made my weekend!

Let Trin and her family know how beautiful they are by leaving a comment for her! I know that they will appreciate it so much!

I am always so blessed with what I get to do in my world! Contact me today to schedule your own beauty shoot and maybe we can even add in a surprise of some sort!