When I have a couple bring up items of any kind that are special, I get excited. I enjoy styled sessions but only do them for my own fun. I never want to force anything. I spoke to the lovely Katie and she mentioned her Squishables and how her fiancé Aaron didn’t want her to bring them. I could hear how excited she was about them and begged her to bring them along. She has several in her arsenal but chose the two that Aaron had given her. When I saw them, I may have jumped up and down, clapping.

On the day of the shoot, I could tell that Aaron was nervous. He waited so patiently while she got her hair and makeup done, reading a book. When we were ready, he changed into his clothing obediently, carrying the big stuffed animals and coats. We wandered around Pacific University and captured some great shots. In no time, he was laughing, joking and ready for anything. Most of the fun poses were his idea. Katie told me later that he had so much fun taking the photos.

Katie and Aaron, it was a pleasure to shoot you and I cannot WAIT to see what happens at your wedding in October. And if you can get twenty comments on this blog post from friends and family, I’ll add in a little something special at our Session Premiere next week!