My daughter is amazing, I’m not afraid to admit it. She is beautiful and kind and sweet and incredible and everything I’ve wanted for my daughter.

Our other babies though, are also pretty awesome. And today I would like to introduce them to you.

The first cat is Harry “Pumpkin” Weasley.

Harry Pumpkin Weasley :: Forest Grove, Oregon Pet Photographer

He is older, about 8 years old or so, and a huge fat cat. He’s lost weight since we’ve had him but is still a big, bad tomcat. We got him from a friend/client and he was already (aptly) named Pumpkin. This didn’t work 100% for us however because we have an alphabetical naming system with all of our pets. So, we had to give a him a new name. The first couple days we had him, he hid out in the cupboard under our stairs. That, combined with his Ginger colors meant that Harry Weasley just fit perfectly. He’s a big lover, cuddly and enjoys snuggling overnight. He’s been the main reason that our daughter has managed to sleep in her own bed.

Snuggly Pumpkin :: Forest Grove, Oregon Pet Photographer

Next up, I’d like to introduce you to Icarus.

Icarus :: Forest Grove, Oregon Pet Photographer

We needed an I name and bandied a couple around for a bit. We landed on Icarus and it just seemed to fit. It soon became apparent that we could not have picked a more perfect name for this cat. He is the perfect example of derpy. Every time he jumps onto the bed, he lets out a flying kitty meow to warn us. He’ll try to jump onto the counter and slide off the other side. He’s not the smartest but that fits in well with this family. We got him from a shelter when I took my brother to go meet and get the two kitties that (the always talented and amazing) Shannon Sewell was fostering. When we learned that their brother was in the shelter, I couldn’t leave him. I am so glad we brought him home with us!

Our most recent addition is Jose Cuervo.

Jose Cuervo :: Forest Grove, Oregon Pet Photographer
With my husband’s stroke in 2010 and recent additional trips to the hospital, I was so thankful that I had been home with him. The fear of not being home actually prompted us to do some research. We found out about an emergency contact phone that can be activated by a dog. Then, we just needed to find the right dog. First trip to the local shelter and we found this guy. He had pink eyebrows, cheeks and pink polish on all of his nails when he had been abandoned and we knew he had been loved and left. It was heartbreaking. But then he went and curled up on Ryan’s lap and snuggled with the paralyzed arm and we knew he would be perfect.

Jose Cuervo will be a perfect member to our family and knowing that he is learning well has been a great moment in my peace of mind.

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to my fur babies. If you want portraits of your pets with yourself or your family, I completely understand and am more than happy to include them. Book now to get your family and fur babies in the bright green Spring grass and flowers!