You are beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful in your life and personality and every moment of the day. No matter what you feel like, what you do or how often you look in the mirror and frown, you are beautiful.

I can see the beauty in everything and everyone and in every situation, even the rain and clouds that are constantly around in Oregon, where I’m based. Regardless of whether you think you want to lose 10 pounds or want to wait until you get married or if you haven’t had an image taken of you since your wedding 20 years ago, you should celebrate today. These moments you have now are so important to capture.

Most important to me is to make sure women of the world feel beautiful. I include hair and makeup with all of my portrait sessions, whether it’s for a business headshot, or family, or just to get a new gorgeous Facebook picture. When mom feels beautiful and relaxed, the rest of the family feels relaxed. This means the pictures turn out so much better because everyone is happier.

Contact me and let A Life Condensed Photography condense this moment of your life into memories of the real and truly beautiful you.