When wearing my hat as a Forest Grove Business Photographer, and I get to take pictures like this? My heart and soul sing.
Forest Grove Business Photographer

You may recognize this beautiful lady from my previous post with her family. She first was in front of my camera when I was photographing her collaboration between Indy Apparel and her own shop, Lady Locks Creations. The fabulous Gillian created the tank top design using the design of a skull that Annie owns and inspires her.Blog Collage02We had so much fun….the weather was perfect and gave such gorgeous light. It also helped build our friendship to a much stronger place. Anytime you see someone who fails at jumping so badly and don’t die laughing, you know your friendship will be successful. Plus who doesn’t love outtakes? They are always my favorite part of movies….Blog Collage03I love working with this beautiful lady. Her shop is amazing and her business sense is spot on. Since she is a small business owner too, we can have lunch together in the middle of the week and talk about everything and anything. We’ll discuss marketing and business strategy, plus products and social media. Her Instagram has numbers anyone would be proud of and her YouTube is nothing to sniff at either. I’m so happy to call her friend!Blog Collage01She is my muse and if I could photograph her every day, my camera would be so happy. Instead, I’ll just have to see her 2-3 times a week to make my soul happy. Wait until you see the amazing things that are coming from her…I cannot wait to share!
ladylocksskyfinalresizeSometimes, an image comes about and inspires me to edit above and beyond my usual look. This image has a depth and a drama that fits this perfectly. It makes me happy and is gracing my wall too. Because who doesn’t want to see an epic image like this?contactmebuttonIf you need a Forest Grove Business Photographer, let me know!