Every year, my sister in law comes with her family from Indiana and makes the long journey to Oregon. This year, her husband actually got to come which was super exciting. A lot of times, her husband’s work will decide to change things so that he can’t actually make it.

Once he actually arrived, we knew we wanted to get some family photos!

We made the long journey to the beach to play, and oh my did we play!

First had a break for lunch, hiding behind a sand dune so the hugely windy weather didn’t blow us down the beach. Even in Oregon, in the middle of the summer, it may be overcast but the sun will still shine like crazy. It was SO SUNNY but we made it work.The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comAfter we got a picture of everyone being clean, we let the kids go crazy. And go crazy, they did!The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comRight next to us were a group of 20 year olds. They were trying to do a group of selfies, but there were too many of them and their arms weren’t long enough. So I went over to help. They also wanted to get some jumping photos since I was taking the picture.

This made the little kids want to do a jumping shot too! It didn’t work so well, but the results are hilarious!The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.com The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comThen, the next day we had some fun in a local forest. This location will definitely be a future session location too!The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comThey were so sweet, the littlest man though…he’s a little tyrannical.The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comHe got some good snuggle time with mommy and that was sweet. He was a little lover and was doing okay, so we tried to get some photos with just mommy and daddy.The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comDidn’t work too badly….

Thanks, mister man for having fun! There is something great about little boys in the forest!The Long Journey :: alifecondensed.comLet me know if you want to schedule a session in this beautiful forest setting! Perfect for families, couples or business portraits!