While in Alabama to photograph the beautiful Amanda and her family, I also had the opportunity to photograph a dear friend and her beautiful almost 1 year old.

This is Miss Hazel, and the poor thing was having some major allergy and sinus issues. And yet, I still got some smiles from her!

Even around the sniffles and drool and snot rockets, we had fun. I got to snuggle and love on her. We played tickling and peek a boo and then she was done. Wrapping up into a wrap behind her momma, and she was content again. No nap, but she was soon soothed again into contentment.

After the break, we got to spend some more time playing. Her momma is so talented, she not only knitted this beautiful sweater but also made the dress she is wearing too! I swear, she is so crafty and amazingly beautiful. Her children are blessed to have this beautiful woman as their momma!

I can’t wait to see how her birthday party goes and how beautiful she grows up! We definitely can’t wait another 4 years before we see each other again! I miss you girls already.

Aren’t they beautiful?! I love a momma and baby girl!