As a Forest Grove Family Photographer, I love getting to see my clients and friends grow up. This year, I did something a little bit different with my holiday sessions. It’s been a perfect opportunity for me to get to hang out with some of my favorite people!

Last year, it was a maternity session and now it’s a family of four!


To compare, let’s view some before and afters!

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I love these kids and being able to see them grow, just makes me so happy! Especially having been at little Bennett’s birth in addition to the maternity family session, you get to grow so close to them all!

I mean, look at this little face? It’s one of the reasons I love being able to wander around. You are able to capture these in between moments. Bennett’s little blue eyes staring so intently into mine as his daddy keeps him warm and transitions out of the rain.BouckFamily001

A little rain didn’t hurt us, we were able to go find a cosy little corner to plop the littles down in and snuggle together.BouckFamily003

Thanks to these fabulous kiddos, I had a fun rainy afternoon. Love them all so dearly!

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