There is very little I love more than being a small business photographer – being able to photograph someone who so passionately loves what she does and get to know why she does what she does.

When it’s something that smells as amazing as these soaps? It’s even more awesome!


I had the privilege to set up her website as well as take some photos of her amazing products. Her branding and touch is in every step of the process. You can just tell immediately that these soaps are hers.

Everything is made with so much love and attention. And the smells….OMG the smells! Everything from citrus to floral to unscented and even some really wonderful masculine scents for the manly man in your life. These all make such amazing gifts.

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And we photographed the process too. Which was so interesting, especially to someone like myself who fails so hard at physical creation type things. I was just in awe!

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So thank you, Tanya of Rough Cut Soap Co for trusting me in your kitchen to watch you make some amazingness and letting me stick my camera in your face! You are one of the reasons I love my job!

Cannot wait to come hang out at a Farmer’s Market and get some more fun images for you!


I love being a Small Business Photographer! It’s one of the things that makes me so happy in my heart. And the best part is, anyone that books a session from now into the future will be able to sample some of this magic, because they are part of my welcome packets!