Every so often, I get a chance to do something fun and a little bit different. Last weekend, I got to experience a new festival in Lake Oswego called Rox in Sox. The day was full of music, books and dancing.


In addition to getting to listen to some amazing music, I got to play with a ton of kids with props. How perfect was my day?!


Sometimes, they needed a little bit of encouragement to let me take their picture. Thankfully, I had a remote that would allow them to take the picture themselves!

RoxinSox2013_0022 RoxinSox2013_0024

Overall, it was a big success! I had so much fun and I’m pretty sure all you guys did too!


Were you at the event and want to check out your own images? Click this link and visit the gallery! There you can download the watermarked images for free or order a print!

feather blowing




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