One of my favorite thing about being a business headshot photographer is the ability to capture someone’s beautiful soul.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Doreen. She is a health and lifestyle coach and contacted me for some updated photos to use on her website and social media and any marketing photos. She has always disliked her photo being taken and was extremely nervous when she came for the day of shooting.

Her nerves are the reason that I provide the experience that I do. I want to meet you over coffee to chat about what you want and what your goal is. This allows us to meet face to face and relax, and talk, before I stick a big camera in your face.

The next time we meet is when you are getting your hair and makeup done. The girls I work with to provide this service are amazing. They always will listen to what you want and what your goal is, but also make sure that you look your absolute best for these pictures.

We spend about 90 minutes together, while you get pampered. Again, this is to help you relax and breathe before we get down to business. We will take it as slow as needed to get you into a position of ease.

We used every moment of this time with Doreen to get her to breathe. I know she was nervous.

And yet, we got this photo as one of the first ones that came.

Shining Soul ::

She was definitely not smiling. We had just placed her into the pose. But she is absolutely gorgeous. There is such a beauty in a serious face.

Shining Soul ::

But even more beauty when I can capture a real smile. A smile that lights up even her eyes!

At one point, my craziness broke through and we even got a laugh captured on film.

This moment made my day magic. This shoot was in the bag as soon as that happened.

Shining Soul :: Shining Soul ::

Having a truly wonderful smile, eyes sparkling and soul shining through makes my job as a headshot photographer so much simpler. Being able to capture the real person, and show it back at them, is wonderful.

Do you need updated photos for your own business happenings? The weather is beautiful and will make for some gorgeous photos to show your clients and customers what sort of awesomeness they are getting with you!