This family is one of my favorites. It is always such an absolute pleasure to have them in front of my camera. And when we get to have some summer fun instead of winter? Even better!

I started photographing them since they were a family of 3 and a half, photographed the youngest ones’ birth and now they are a family of 5! Because of course, fur babies count. Even if they aren’t little.

Summer Fun Boucks ::

I don’t do mini sessions very often, they are only available to past clients who have already experienced the full magical experience.

These boys though. They have my whole heart.

Summer Fun Boucks ::

Even when they are being little brat nuggets. They are so sweet and loving and adorable, that you can forgive them. Most of the time.

The littlest is obviously very serious. And doesn’t love his daddy at all.

Summer Fun Boucks ::


Nope, no love at all.

You know they are going to grow up beautiful and caring – I mean, just look at their parents!

Summer Fun Boucks ::

Seriously, I love photographing them. So much love and fun. Even if it takes some work to get them to hold still a little bit.

Like holding them on your shoulders. It means they can’t run away!

Summer Fun Boucks ::

Thanks for coming out to play with me! It was so much fun, even if it was stressful.


Love you guys so much!

Do you have your own family to commemorate this summer? Want to get your Christmas Cards done early, before the clouds roll in and the rain arrives?