Sweet Couple with Willow :: New York City, NY Couple Photographer
I have bee lucky enough to be hanging out in New York City both before and after an amazing business workshop up in the Poconos Mountains for Brand Camp with the amazing Kristen Kalp. I cannot wait to start implementing some of the things I learned.

In addition, I’ve been able to stay with friends on Manhattan and get the legitimate NYC experience. These two beautiful people have let me stay on their couch for about 5 days and so the least I could do was photograph them in thanks.

Getting to spend time with them, with my camera, in Central Park was an amazing experience. I was so happy to get to see their adorableness and capture it for them.
Fun Couple Under Bridge :: New York City, NY Couple Photographer
Sweet Couple with Flowers :: New York City, NY Couple PhotographerThey have been together for years and their baby is this kitty. She is old and grumpy but a big fluffy lover. She even posed for me!
Pretty Kitty :: New York City, NY Pet Photographer

I love getting to travel and photograph outside of my beautiful state. It’s so worth it to me to be able to visit gorgeous new places and see it through the eyes of the people that live here.

Where will I travel next?