There is no greater honor than being asked by an amazing photographer to photograph their family. Even more so when they are as adorable and styled as well as this beautiful family here! Even better, the weather behaved so well. It had been storming and super windy earlier, and then it just stopped. We got a couple sprinkles, but as you can see even the sun came out. It was perfect! And getting to travel and become a Sisters Oregon Family Photographer, all the better!


Seriously, are they not the cutest thing ever?

blog collage01

The littlest one especially. Baby E was so full of everything in the session. We all were at her beck and call but it was worth it. Some of my favorite images came from her smiling face!

blog collage03

The little boys, by the way, were absolutely the sweetest. When photographing their parents, they took care of their little sister to get some cute shots of the two of them.


Then when it was time for them to be in front of the camera, they listened so well too!

blog collage04

Every one of them was so well behaved for almost the whole time.

It was such an honor and privilege to get to capture your family, Kristina! Even if my hangover the next day wasn’t quite worth it, the day before that was perfect. I definitely overshot and sent you way too many options to choose from but I just could not pick from! Normally I can narrow it down to my usual 30, MAYBE 40 but this time, it was next to impossible.

Enjoy, Kristina and thank you for taking care of me so much! This beautiful lady is also massively talented, she is responsible for my brand both here and my other business The Photog’s Helper and I love them so much! If you ever need a brand redesign, you should contact Kristina at Lavish Design House!