Today, I have the honor of introducing you to The Junebugs.

The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerYou know you’ve made it when you get to have a great band play a show just for you. So, it was mainly so we could get some amazing photos and not really just for me, but I’m okay with that. The Junebugs are a local band, with a truly amazing sound. It’s kind of folk, kind of heartfelt, kind of everything.The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerThey were so much fun to photograph. It helped that I went to school with them, but it’s more than that. I would have been excited with this shoot even if I didn’t know them!The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerThis location was amazing too. It reminded me (like I needed any help remembering) how much I love Oregon. The lush greenery, even in winter, was just breathtaking. And this spot was special. One of the band members lives right around the corner and they know the owners of the land and immediately knew that this would be the perfect spot.The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerThis summer, they are definitely going to have some events using this little platform. It’s just too perfect! Especially with the harmony of the bubbling brook right behind it.

We also got some more formal photos, using what they call their “Corporate Gear”.
The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band Photographer The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerDon’t they look snazzy?

If you need a band for any event, or need to fill a spot at your location, The Junebugs will be a winning choice. Their sound is soulful and emotional, up beat and fun. They started out as a  cover band but their original songs are catchy and will have you singing along too.The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band PhotographerThanks guys for playing for me! I love your sound so much and am excited to see where the future takes you. I know The Junebugs are about to launch into the atmosphere and am pleased to be a small part of it.

Check out their website for a list of their upcoming shows.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter too! You can also listen to their music and even buy their new album if you are interested.

Are you an up and coming band or just want some portraits like these guys? Even in the same location, I know a guy.


And I’ll leave you with a little fun outtake too. Be forewarned – I always have my camera ready to go, so if you do something you think is funny just to laugh, it will be caught on camera.

The Junebugs :: Forest Grove, Oregon Band Photographer