You will recognize the lovely lady in the middle of the upcoming images. She is one of my amazing hair and makeup artists that I work with. I also photograph her and Kat for their annual campaigns (this fall’s is coming up next!). She is one of my favorites to photograph and then when throwing in her fabulous husband and dear friend, it makes a mixture of sheer awesomeness.


I’ve been a guest on The Middle Life Podcast and been honored to do their website as well as this promotional photo session.


They are so entertaining and I could have spent all day photographing them.


More importantly, I love when someone will let me throw out ideas and they will follow through, whole heartedly.

It allows for some fun and inspirational and entertaining images.

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If you want to learn more about these three crazy kids (and even listen to my craziness in podcast form) check out The Middle Life Podcast on their website (where you can even go and listen to the most recent podcast directly from the site) or on iTunes!