I had the distinct pleasure to photograph this adorable couple the exact day of their anniversary. Because of the Leap Year, that means that they were married for 366 days on their anniversary. How fun is that?

Seriously, can’t you just feel their love? They met at work (they are both in the pharmacy industry) and will soon be leaving The Great Northwest for The Last Frontier – Alaska. Katie is an amazing wife, willing and able to follow her husband to Alaska. Thankfully, they both love the outdoors and all the joys that come with it, so I am sure they are going to have so much fun!

My favorite part of a session is hanging out while hair and makeup is getting done. We get to learn more about each other, become comfortable and I get to spy a bit on the relationships between the participants. My investigating skills in this couple? Not only are they so in love, but they are amazingly well matched. Chris knows what his wife likes and what he needs to do to keep her happy. Katie is his perfect partner, because she knows what she needs to do to keep him happy too. They are instep with each other, even if it seems like Katie “wears the pants”.

We lucked out with the weather. October in Oregon is always questionable. The rain came and went while we were in the salon and when we were ready to go, the rain stopped. There weren’t any trumpets or blue skies, but it seemed like there should have been! We went to get one last set of photos by the amazing Monkey Puzzle tree on Pacific University’s campus. Within seconds of the last shutter click, the heavens opened and the water came pouring out of the clouds. Laughing, we ran back to the cars. I know that whatever happens in Alaska, there will be a lot of laughter and kisses and tons of love.

Best of luck together, you two! I hope you enjoy this little preview! Katie and Chris, if you can get ten people to comment on this blog post, I’ll have a surprise for you for your ordering session premiere!